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– cops say he’s wanted for robbery and murder The police yesterday afternoon shot a man who according to them is wanted in connection with the murder of Police Constable 20740 Vickram Singh.The wounded man Kevin Maloney, 27 of Queen Street, Kitty is also fingered in last Thursday’s robbery on the Guyana Stockfeeds Limited.The late Constable Singh was shot dead last year at the Joint Service Scheme.Maloney was shot once to the hip and to his right arm,Cheap Air Max 2018 Shoes, by the police.Kaieteur News understands that the incident happened shortly after 15:00hrs at a creek on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway. When this newspaper arrived at the Georgetown Hospital yesterday afternoon, the injured man was receiving treatment in the emergency unit.Police sources yesterday said that Maloney is one of the suspects who escaped on Thursday from the Guyana Stockfeeds robbery.Shortly after lunch on Thursday six men, two of whom were armed with shotguns and the others with handguns, invaded the Guyana Stockfeeds Limited at Farm, East Bank Demerara. The gunmen made off with some $10.6M, along with personal cash, cell phones and other valuables from the employees,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, and a handgun.However strategic roadblocks by the police managed to catch nine of the suspect, along with two cars and about $2M cash.Further the police are alleging that Maloney was the “trigger man”,Cheap NFL Jerseys, who killed the police recruit last year July.Even as the police are making allegations against Maloney relatives are adamant that he is innocent.When this newspaper visited his Queen Street Home yesterday an aunt of his said that the police are always harassing Maloney.A friend of Maloney who witnessed the incident yesterday afternoon told this publication that the entire incident started after police ranks who were in a vehicle thought they were being taunted.Kevin Maloney “One of Kevin’s friend call one ah dem a cross…and de police thinking that Kevin called him a cross,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys,” the eyewitness said.According to the friend,cheap nfl jerseys, the police called Maloney and he went over to them.The friend further said that the policemen attempted to arrest the young man who insisted that they tell him why he was being arrested.Kaieteur News was told that Maloney resisted and was shot twice.Almost two years ago Maloney was shot in the shoulder by the police after they accused him of attacking one of the lawmen with a knife.Relatives and residents in the area had refuted this claim and said that Maloney was unarmed had no drugs, and was accidentally shot by a policeman who was brandishing his firearm.The police had alleged that the 27-year-old Maloney of William Street, Kitty,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, was wounded while resisting arrest for drug possession.On that occasion the police had claimed that ranks on a mobile patrol had observed Maloney acting suspiciously. A search on his person revealed a quantity of cannabis.It was reported that Maloney made a dash and was pursued by a rank, who caught up with him in a yard.The police said that Maloney pulled a knife from his boot and menacingly attacked the rank resulting in him being shot.

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