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A 15-year-old schoolgirl has told police that the son of a prominent official sexually assaulted her after luring her into his car under the pretext of taking her home.The incident allegedly occurred last Tuesday at a desolate spot on the East Coast of Demerara.Kaieteur News understands that the teen has submitted a statement as well as a medical document to police. She reportedly also took photographs which show bite marks that were allegedly inflicted during the assault.This newspaper understands that the 24-year-old suspect has denied that he raped the teen and that the sex was consensual.Kaieteur News was also told that the man and his father visited the Cove and John Police Station. According to police sources,Cheap Air Max Tn, the teen’s alleged assailant was briefly detained, but it is unclear whether he will be charged.The teen said that a mutual acquaintance introduced her to her alleged assailant in October, 2014. The acquaintance also reportedly gave the man her cell phone number.According to the teen, she had told the man that she was participating in a pageant and was seeking sponsors.“He said no problem…he would get me whatever I needed,” she said.She said that last Tuesday, theman contacted her while she was in school, and promised to pick her up that afternoon to discuss his sponsorship for the pageant.They reportedly met after school at a Vlissengen Road establishment at around 17.00 hrs, and the man took her to Thomas Street in his tinted Mercedes “to pay his workers.”She claimed that when he returned,NFL Jerseys Outlet, they headed to her East Coast Demerara home, and the young man began to indicate that he wanted them to have a relationship.“I said no,Wholesale Jerseys, I have exams, I have to settle down’, and he said ‘I could give you whatever you want, even a car for US$6,000,Nike Air Max 2018,’ and he said that his dad has two houses in Canada, and I keep saying no,” the teen said.She said that while directing him to her home, the man suddenly drove to a desolate road on the East Coast of Demerara where he parked.“I look at him and ask what he doing here and he start to pull at my clothes and bite me, and he said that is what he does to women who don’t want to give him sex. I started to scream and he covered my mouth.”She said that the man then pulled down her underwear and sexually assaulted her. He then dropped her off a short distance from her home, while promising that he would get her everything she wanted for the pageant.According to the girl, on arriving home,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, she contacted the male relative who had introduced her to the individual who had assaulted her.According to the teen, she also confided in her mother.Kaieteur News was told that the alleged victim and her mother visited the Beterverwagting Police Station the following day. She said that while at the station, the alleged assailant contacted her by phone.“He said that somebody send him a (phone) message saying that I rape a schoolgirl, and if you do that to me you will damage my character.“I ask him why he do it and he say he didn’t rape, he only bit me. He say that his father is a (political) candidate and that he (the father) would disown me.”She also claimed that a rank at the station recorded the conversation on a cell phone.Kaieteur News understands that the police visited the man’s home but saw no sign of his vehicle, which indicated that he was not there.The teen and her mother reportedly visited the Cove and John Police Station the following day, and were subsequently sent to the Brickdam Police Station. There,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, a police medical doctor examined her and she was also given a medical document to take to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.The teen alleged that another young woman subsequently contacted her by phone and claimed that she narrowly escaped a similar fate after the man lured her into his car under the pretext of wanting to chat with her.There are reports that the man was recently also accused of physically assaulting a former girlfriend and posting nude photos of the woman on the internet.

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