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– several foreigners among Guyanese heldPolice have detained a Venezuelan and four Guyanese after intercepting a vessel with an estimated 204 kilograms (450 pounds) of cocaine at Batavia,Cheap NFL Jerseys, an island located eight and a half kilometres (51/2miles) up the Cuyuni River.The cocaine (estimated street value US$5million) was found stashed in four large plastic containers on a vessel named the Amor.Kaieteur News understands that the bust occurred at around 13:00 hrs yesterday when ranks from the Bartica Police Station, acting on information, mobilised a team and headed to Batavia.There,Discount NFL Jerseys, they intercepted the Amor, a small vessel that was outfitted with two brand-new 75-horsepower engines.On boarding the vessel the ranks discovered four large plastic containers with false bottoms,Cheap Jerseys From China, containing a large quantity of cocaine. Kaieteur News was told that each drum contained about 75 parcels of the prohibited substance.The five persons on the vessel were taken to the Bartica Police Station.Ranks from CID Headquarters, Eve Leary, then travelled to Bartica to assist in the investigation.However,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, out of concern that Bartica might be vulnerable to attack from persons linked to the bust, police and army ranks last night transported the cocaine haul to the city.The integrity of the parcels has to be looked at.“We were concerned that Bartica might be vulnerable. This is a huge find,Soccer Jerseys China,” a police official said.Reports are that the Bartica Police Station remained under heavy guard last night and most residents chose to keep off the streets as word of the drug bust circulated.While information is still sketchy,jerseys from china, police believe that the drugs came from Venezuela.Guyana is considered to be a major transshipment point for cocaine and in recent months, Jamaican authorities intercepted two ships that originated from Guyana with large quantities of cocaine.

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