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– three others nursing gunshot woundsThe execution-style killing of Ricardo Rodrigues, a well known associate of convicted drug dealerRicardo RodriguesShaheed ‘Roger’ Khan, sent shockwaves through the city and its environs.Rodrigues was riddled with bullets as he sat at a table at the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club compound on Albert Street around 15:00 hours yesterday. His body bore wounds to the head, chest,Cheap Jerseys From China, hands and leg inflicted by a high-powered weapon. From all indications he died instantly.Three other persons who were at the club at the time were injured as the gunmen sprayed bullets indiscriminately.Those injured are Aubrey Henry, 35,Wholesale Jerseys China, of Alberttown, who was shot in both legs; Michael Hupchenson,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, 42,China Jerseys, was hit on his right arm and right foot and Canadian Jean Le Blanc who was shot in his right hip.They are all receiving medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.Police say they have recovered several spent shells from the scene.No motive for the killing has been established as yet but investigators are probing whether it is linked to the recent arms and ammunition find at Lethem.Rodrigues was released last week on $100,wholesale nfl jerseys,000 bail after spending a night in police custody pending investigations into the discovery of three M-70 and four M-16 assault rifles, along with a grenade and radio communicating equipment.Yesterday eyewitnesses recalled seeing two men dressed in black firing automatic weapons at Rodrigues.There are reports that Rodrigues upon seeing the men, drew a handgun he was carrying in his waist but he never got the chance to fire it as the bullets tore into his body. The handgun was left lying on the ground next to his body.“I see a banna run and fall down. He lie down about five minutes and then he get up and start limp and then fall down again,” one eyewitness stated.He was referring to Henry who tried desperately to flee from the killers.It was obvious that the killers were not interested in him. Rodrigues was their only target.Henry, a physical trainer, said that he could not say much about what really transpired yesterday.“I was upstairs training somebody and I heard gunshots and I just ran outside,” Henry told members of the media at the Georgetown Public Hospital.He said that all the other persons who were shot, including Rodrigues, were sitting outside the bar on the bottom flat of the sports club pavilion.The injured were rushed to the hospital, while Rodrigues’s body was left lying where it fell.Workers at the nearby Critchlow Labour College spoke of ducking for cover upon hearing the gunshots.“It was constant; there was no lull in the gunshots, just rapid gunfire over a period of time, numerous shots, then it stop,” one of the employees recalled.A bullet pierced one of the college’s exterior lights and fell in the compound.“I couldn’t see anybody because I was in the building. Whoever would have done the shooting would have already left. When I came outside all I see was people running, apparently to get away from the location where the shooting was taking place,” the employee explained.????? ?As the reports spread, dozens of persons converged on the GMR&SC compound, many with the aim of confirming what to them was the unbelievable.Family members were seen consoling each other while the police maintained a heavy presence at the scene until Rodrigues’s body was removed by undertakers from the Lyken Funeral Parlour.Meanwhile, the main opposition party A Partnership for National Unity has expressed its concern over yet another execution.The party described Rodrigues as a gun-running suspect who has been a ‘person of interest’ to law-enforcement agencies for most of the past decade.According to APNU, Rodrigues has been mentioned in connection with criminal activities and at the time of his execution, Rodrigues surprisingly, had been placed on bail.“A Partnership for National Unity would like to see due process in order to learn more about the crimes of gun-running and narco trafficking.? APNU feels that extra-judicial executions should not be allowed to replace legitimate law-enforcement measures if criminal cartels are to be discovered, dismantled and destroyed.”APNU Leader Brigadier David Granger stated that Rodrigues’s execution exposes the weakness of public security under the People’s Progressive Party/Civic administration.The party once again called for the removal of Clement Rohee as the Minister of Home Affairs and his replacement by someone capable of suppressing crime,NFL Jerseys Cheap, enforcing the law and preserving this country’s security.

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