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Distraught over what she deemed a premeditated move to rip her off,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Telesha Haynes, moved to highlight her matter in both an attempt to retrieve her cash and warn others against suffering the same fate.Glevia DecourteAbout three weeks ago, Haynes who met Glevia Decourte at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) agreed that she would have purchased an iphone from her since she claimed she has “the overseas connection.”According to Haynes, Decourte told her that she will source and procure the phone for her in exchange for $200,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,000 with the agreement that the money will be paid in two installments; when the phone is sourced and upon receipt.“After I give her the first half she told me that she need the other half because the person that bring de phone need all the money one time.“She was to bring back the phone from Berbice two days later, up to now she ain’t bring it back or give me back me money.”Haynes disclosed that Decourte took some clothes she had on sale with the promise to pay at a later date; “plus she rented my friend car (Anthony Hendricks),Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, was to be for two days, she kept it for two weeks, damage the bumper, promise to repair and can’t even do that.”Haynes said that Decourte left the car at CJIA and told them that they can find it there.According to Haynes,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, they haven’t seen Decourte since but indicated that they are in constant communication “and every day she saying that she will send me money tomorrow cause she in Barbados.”When contacted,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, Decourte admitted to the allegation, but stated that she only collected $100,000 from Haynes.In addition,Mens Nike Free Run, she said that she didn’t opt to repair the damaged car because “I know nothing about it.”“I told her I will pay for the clothes and de phone but she didn’t want to give me her right name for me to send the money through Western Union.”Decourte affirmed that she is indeed in Barbados even though contacted on a Guyana number.Telesha HaynesHaynes is contending that she didn’t want to give her real name as Decourte was threatening to harm her and her son.

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