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The Commissioners on the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the Public Service sector will begin their hearings today.According to information released by the Government information Agency, (GINA) the public hearings commence at 10:00hrs in the Department of Public Service Building, Waterloo Street, Georgetown.Last Wednesday, Secretary to the COI, Geeta Chandan-Edmond said that more than 30 statements and memoranda have already been submitted to the Commission of Inquiry (COI) set up to inquire into the affairs of Guyana’s Public Service.Chandan-Edmond, disclosed that the statements not only came from stakeholders in Guyana, but also from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.The Commission was established to inquire into, report on and make recommendations on the role, functions, recruitment process,Cheap Jerseys From China, remuneration, conditions and other matters pertaining to the personnel employed in the Guyana Public Service.The COI is also expected to determine measures to improve the efficiency of the public service, to review the methodology used in the classification and recruitment of public servants.The inquiry is also slated to conduct a detailed examination of how the salaries and wages of public servants are determined and allocated; review the age of public servant retirement and make recommendations in this regard.Following his appointment to office, President David Granger had stressed the need for a more efficient and satisfactory public service.According to President Granger, public servants must possess expert knowledge and high standard academic education.He expressed his intention to introduce a Public Service Staff College,Cheap Nike Air Max 2018, in which persons entering the administrative branches of the Guyana Public Service are required to undergo training.The President had promised,Wholesale Jerseys, too, that this would ensure that persons serving the nation would be more equipped,Discount NFL Jerseys, with the basics of public service delivery and a better understanding of how the public service is meant to operate.The COI was established as part of a plan to support President Granger’s vision for a modern public service and the establishment of a Public Service Staff College.The Commission is slated to operate during the next three to five months with the possibility of a renewal should the Commissioners need more time to complete the task.The hearings are open to the general public for oral presentations,cheap jerseys from china, which will be conducted at the Secretariat Building of the Public Service Ministry on Waterloo Street,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, Georgetown.Hearings will also be conducted at other locations in the country.Statements and memoranda into the operations of the public service can be submitted to the Commission’s Secretariat or emailed to public servants commission @gmail.com or forwarded to the Secretariat’s address by calling 225-4321.

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